Dan and Sarah Ming Wedding

March 12, 2016

There is a special bond that can only develop through the test of time, this is a very special bond and it can’t be replicated. Dan and Sarah have this bond.

Sarah had a crush on Dan before she had all her adult molars, I am not sure at what age they actually started dating but I know it was long enough ago that they refer to that time as “when you always wore (insert embarrassing clothing)” or “when you had long hair that came to your eyes”. They also passed probably 100 inside jokes that day, and probably have 1,000 more. But my favorite part was when Sarah saw Dan, she had been a bundle of nerves all day but the moment she saw him she was instantly put at ease.

I think that is what makes Dan and Sarah’s love unique. They have this connection, this familiarity with each other.¬†When they see each other, their heart says “home”.

They have that bond.

They made that bond official, and unbreakable on March 12th, and set out to make it even stronger.

Dan & Sarah,

We wish you the very best!

-Clay & Maggie